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Sailing »

There will once again be summer sailing on the 31-foot sloop Phriendship Too for Club 50 members on Wednesdays and Thursdays weather permitting. Beginning in June David Thiessen is available to sail. Just contact him by phone or email (see club directory or email for contact info) to make arrangements. Bring your own snack and drink.

When the weather forecast indicates a potentially good sailing day, David usually asks Elizabeth Norris, our Club 50 communicator, to send out a group email indicating that possibility.  Once a sail is planned Dave always checks the weather before confirming with guests by phone. Dave’s motto: A pleasure shared is twice as enjoyable.

For contact info email and follow the instructions in the response.  You must RSVP to Dave Thiessen to participate in a sailing event.

You can always get the Near Shore forecast for Waukegan current day and next day from  >

and you can always get the Waukegan LAND forecast from

< >

June Bike Ride (6/10/17) – CANCELLED »

Walt and Peggy Sienkiewicz will be our hosts for our June bike ride along the Old Plank Trail.  From 1855 until 1975 the Michigan Central Railroad ran freight and passenger trains along this route.  Before that it was a plank road and part of the Great Sauk trail that ran from Rock Island to Detroit.
We’ll meet at 10:30 am in the parking lot directly across from the restaurant where we’ll be eating after the ride.  The restaurant is the Smokey Barque, 20 Kansas Street, Frankfort, IL, 815-2772502.

Date/Time: Saturday, June 10, 2017, 10:30 am

Location:   Parking lot directly accross from the restaurant

You must RSVP to attend this event.  For this event’s contact information, email and look for “June Bike Ride (6/10/17)” in the auto-response.   Give Walt your cell phone number.

Bring your helmet, sunscreen and water.

Recent & Planned Club Events »



-SUN PEAKS CANADA TRIP FLYER (3/18/17-3/25/17), click here for current conditions, click here for hotel web site


-Day trips planned spur of the moment as per conditions


  • dinners
  • hike & bike


Outdoor Concert & Potluck (7/23/17)-canceled »


Cross Country Skiing – Winter Season Events »

Unfortunately there’s no way we can set up local cross-country ski outings ahead of time since their so weather dependent.  You’re just going to have to get on the Club 50 Cross-Country Email List and then watch your email each time it snows to see if one has been scheduled.

To get on the list, contact, look in the auto reply under x county skiing for contact information and then be ready to join us when you get the call!