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  • Granite Peak, WI (January 12, 2019 – January 15, 2019):

Trip Flyer, Resort Link

  • Crested Butte, CO Ski Trip (February 2, 2019 – February 9, 2019):

Trip Flyer, Hotel Link, Crested Butte Ski Resort Website

  • Heavenly Ski Trip, CA (March 16, 2019 – March 23, 2019):

Trip FlyerHotel Link, Heavenly Resort Link w forecasts, trail maps, etc.

DINNERS:  See individual dinner posts listed on the right side of the home page

HIKE & BIKE:  See individual event posts listed on the right side of the home page

CURLING:   Sometime in November – watch for an announcement  interested?

MIDWEST FLASHTRIPS:   For both x- country and downhill ski trips

Club 50’s Golf Outing 

Club 50 golfers play nine holes on a different public course each week May through November. Some of our members walk the course; others ride. Our golfers are of all levels of experience; however, we ask that beginners who want to join us have taken some lessons and played before. Enjoy lunch afterwards.  The specifics of time and place are sent out each week by email.  To be loaded on the golfer’s group list, email and look for “Golf” in the auto response.  (The site is unmanned so please don’t send mail to it).
Email notification will be sent to those on the golfing list and NOT to the entire membership.

Cross Country Skiing & Midwest Downhill – Winter Season Events »

Midwest Downhill:

Club 50 is still hoping to take advantage of the snow nature brings us, so be prepared for that unexpected email inviting you to join us for a late morning crosscountry romp somewhere in the area or an all-day trek or overnight to perhaps Cascade Mountain or Granite Peak.  Chuck Swinehart is an enthusiastic Midwestern skier who promises to keep an eye on the weather and to alert us to last minute jaunts he might be planning to
the north. You can contact him to see what he’s thinking at 630-319-4040 (cell) or 630-325-4238 (home).



Jerry Prochaska is heading up our cross-country efforts.  He almost had an outing to Wheaton this past week but the weather warmed up unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective on cold temperatures. Jerry can be reached at 630-297-6414 or


Unfortunately there’s no way we can set up these outings ahead of time since they’re so weather dependent.  You’re just going to have to get on the Club 50 Cross-Country Email List and then watch your email each time it snows to see if one has been scheduled.

To get on the X Country list, contact, look in the auto reply under x county skiing for contact information and then be ready to join us when you get the call!

To get on the Midwest Ski Events list, contact, look in the auto reply under Midwest Ski Trips for contact information and then be ready to join us when you get the call!