Photos provide a great way to recall memories of our good times together. With so many of our members bringing cameras on trips, we’ve found the best way to share photos is on the website.

How it works: We ask that individual members upload their photos to Google Photos, Flickr or a similar photo sharing website, then send an invitation to view the online album to Website Editor at We’ll add a link to the Photo page so everyone can enjoy your photos. If you have any questions about the process, contact the webmaster.

( is no longer free and does not allow the viewer to copy photos. Flickr offers a limited free account or a larger “Pro” account for a yearly fee. )

Photos Automatically Displayed on the Website:

All but a few of the photos automatically displayed on the website were taken by our members. Photos are edited to fit the space and display at random each time a new page is requested.

Following are photo albums created by individual members:

Sun Peaks, 3/17:

Jim Vey

Cal Nykanen

Boris Stul


Birthday Video by Warren for B.O.B.

Whitefish MT, 3/2016:

Jim Vey

Banff CA, 3/15:

Peggy Simonsen

Jim Vey

Hannu K Harju

Mt. Bachelor, 2/2015:

Peggy Simonsen


Snowmass CO, 2/14:

Jim Vey

Park City, 3/2014:


Deer Valley CO, 1/14:

Galena Il, 8/13:

Peggy Simonsen

Dave Thiessen-zip line

Dave Thiessen-segway

Dave Thiessen-alpine sled

Mammoth Mtn, CA, 3/13:

Jim Vey 

Peggy Simonsen

New Members from Peggy Simonsen

Vail Party, 12/12

Robert Steinberg 

Hannu K Harju

Club 50’s 2012 Holiday Party

Robert Steinberg 

Door County – 2012

Peggy Simonsen 

Telluride Ski Trip 2012

Peggy Simonsen

David Thiessen

Vail Ski Trip 2012

Peggy Simonsen

Park City Ski Trip 2010

Not to be missed! This extraordinary collection of photos tells the complete story of skiing and great times on Club 50’s trip to Utah in March.
Alicja Stanczak – abcFolio

David Thiessen – Video of David and George’s bobsled ride


Snowmass Ski Trip 2010

Bill Richardson – PBase

Vail Ski Trip 2009


Challenging snow conditions, but lots of good skiing

Breckenridge Ski Trip 2009

Great week of spring skiing at Breck.
Ellyn Lanz – Kodakgallery